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Ledyard High School Sentenced to Prison for Sexual Assault of Female Student  4

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.21.20 PMSchool: Ledyard High School

County & State: New London County, Connecticut

Name of Teacher / Perpetrator : William C. Friskey

Age of Teacher: 36

Month/Year of Arrest: June 2014

Month/Year of Sentencing: February 2015

News Source: NBC Connecticut


William C. Friskey, 36, was arrested in June 2014 after being accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student at Ledyard High School, where Friskey worked since August 2007. The victim was a student in Friskey’s English class her junior year. The relationship began after the two began emailing back and forth after school hours, and the two began meeting during lunch breaks her senior year and the two would perform sexual acts on one another in Friskey’s classroom, the warrant stated. According to the arrest warrant, the student broke off the relationship “because she wasn’t happy with their situation.” School administrators became aware of the relationship when the technology coordinator found a letter from Friskey to the student, apologizing for the sexual nature of their relationship and mourning the loss of their friendship. Friskey was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with the sentence suspended after two years served.