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Widefield High School Teacher Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison For “Cup Checks”  1

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 1.28.42 PMSchool: Widefield High School

County & State: El Paso County, Colorado

Name of Teacher / Perpetrator :Lee Edward Riddle

Age of Teacher: 30

Month/Year of Arrest: November 2013

Month/Year of Sentencing: November 2014

News Source: Colorado Springs Gazette


Lee Edward Riddle, 30, a former teacher at Widefield High School in El Paso County, Colorado, was sentenced to eight years in prison for striking the genitals of young male students during a serious of what he called “cup checks”. A jury convicted him on five of the charges in August 2014. During sentencing, Judge Thomas Kennedy said Riddle “lacked understanding” about how serious his crimes were.